Josephite Professional Network

What is JPN?

  1. Is a meeting place for boys who have studied and passed out of the St. Josephs Boys High School, Khadki, Pune 411 003
  2. Is a meeting place to explore, develop and consolidate professional networking to generate business for self, along with and for other JPN members
  3. Is a forum to decide substantial, sustainable, contributions from the JPN members to society and the eco-system.

Who can be a member?

The ‘applicant’ to JPN – could have just studied for a year as  a transit student or completed the entire school education.

Why Develop JPN?

  1. Professional Networking is a wonderful tool to cultivate the referrals for oneself and others.
  2. Today, worldwide Business Generated through a referred network accounts for 72 % of all business.
  3. JPN can develop access to more than 7000+ students who have passed out over the last 50 years….

Notes for Reflection

  1. Has to offer consistent value
  2. …Needs to publish and share a list of engagements for the year for the members to CHOOSE the JPN network over others that are available
  3. …Will be required to promote members business and activities that support business
  4. … Must ensure that the Monthly meetings are attended and promoted. This is the beginning of all engagements.
  5. …Arrange to publish and strengthen the Digital platform starting with

Activities Recommended -2019

  • Monthly Meetings – First Sunday of every month (suggested) for 2 hours with structured agenda.
  • Quarterly Seminars – for 1 day
  • Six monthly Business Conference for 2 days
  • Annual Get Together

Activities Detailing – 2019

Monthly Meetings

First Sunday of every month (suggested) for two hours with structured agenda

  1. Jan 20th
  2. Feb 3rd
  3. Mar 3rd
  4. April 7th
  5. May 5th
  6. June 2nd
  1. July 7th
  2. Aug 4th
  3. Sept 1st
  4. Oct 6th
  5. Nov 3rd
  6. Dec 1st

Quarterly Seminars

Second Saturday

  1. Mar 9th – Filing Tax Returns & Your Digital Presence
  2. June 8th – Supply Chain Management & Building Your People
  3. Sept 7th  – Trekking for Business
  4. Dec 7th –   Business Development Strategies

Six Monthly Business Conference

2 days

  1. May 17th & 18th            Developing a Sustainable Marketplace for your Business
  2. Nov 16th & 17th             Expanding Your Business Overseas

CSR Activity on 2nd day 2nd Half

Annual Get Together

Dec 28th